How to choose the right micro DC water pump


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Micro DC water pump refers to a water pump that is small in appearance and can be driven by a safe voltage. It also has some advantages of a water pump driven by conventional mains voltage such as large flow and high head.

At present, the common miniature water pumps in China are mostly DC electric water pumps. Double is divided into brush DC water pump and brushless DC water pump. The following compares the difference between brushed DC water pumps and brushless DC water pumps from three aspects:

1. Price

Micro brushless DC water surfaces are a bit more expensive than micro brushed DC water pumps.

2. Service life

The actual service life of the miniature DC water pump is much longer than that of the micro brushed DC water pump. The actual service life of a qualified miniature DC brushless water pump is at least 30,000 hours

3. Repair and maintenance

When the water pump fails, the maintenance of the micro brushless DC water pump is more troublesome than that of the micro brushed DC water pump, and the maintenance cost is enough to buy a new micro brushless DC water pump.

Features of micro brushless DC water pump:

1. No need for maintenance, small size, high efficiency, saving comprehensive maintenance costs

2. Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

3. No carbon brush, no pollution, more environmentally friendly

4. Using electronic detention, the actual service life is long, up to 10 years

5. Shock-absorbing silica gel, shock-absorbing, lower noise, conventional noise is lower than 45Db. The noise of the micro-pump used for heating and cooling mattresses is even lower than 26Db.

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