What are the functions of the smart toilet pump and where is it installed?


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With the increasing popularity of smart toilets in recent years, many families have replaced the conventional toilets with smart toilets. When it comes to smart toilets, as long as you read the instructions, you will know that every smart toilet has a pump. What are the functions of a smart toilet pump?

Common functions of smart toilet pumps are:

1. Automatic flushing without manual operation, reducing contact

2. Automatic spray washing, timely cleaning, clean and clean, to avoid bacterial reproduction

3. Supercharging, when dealing with high-rise buildings, there is no need to worry about not being able to use it due to insufficient water pressure

Where is the smart toilet water pump installed?

The water pump installed in the smart toilet is mainly to solve the problem of insufficient water pressure. Insufficient water pressure is a common problem in urban high-rise buildings. Water pressure problems can also be encountered in flush toilets.

Smart toilets are divided into tankless and tankless. When installing the smart toilet water pump, it is generally between the tee and the toilet, about 1 to 3 fist size. They are usually hidden behind the toilet. Some brands of tank-type smart toilets will choose submersible water pumps for aesthetics.

No matter where the consumption file is, pay attention to the location after installation, and the water pump conforms to this installation method. This will affect the use and life of the pump.

Installation steps of smart toilet water pump:

1. Check. Check the joints of the components and whether there are foreign objects in the pump;

2. Installation direction. Make sure the pump is installed vertically and horizontally. The direction of water flow should be consistent with the direction on the appearance of the pump body, and it should be installed as close to the water level as possible, and an additional valve should be added.

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